“Comics.  Every Monday.”

That’s what it says up there, right?  Well pay no heed to that, young hobbit.  I am hoping that is one of the first things to get updated.

Posting comics weekly for a year is immensely beneficial, especially for people just starting to create comics.  It trains you to work with a deadline, it forces you to hone your skills (at least marginally), and in the end it’s quite an accomplishment!  When first I looked back on a year’s worth of comics I felt two things, pride, and motivation.

After all, nothing is more motivating than seeing how horrible you were when you first started out!

That process, however, has served its purpose.  With an increasing number of projects, commissions, and deadlines I can no longer assure that every week’s post is my latest/greatest.

Furthermore it has become abundantly clear that people prefer to read entire comics all at once, rather than one page at a time over a number of weeks.  Thus I am adopting the “I’ll post it when it’s done!” style.

I will be posting weekly on my Patreon though.  For one dollar a month you can keep up with me!

The only other thing I’ll add for now is this is an illustration of Queen Amanirenas.  Look her up, she’s awesome.