2016 update: this comic is meant to critique problematic behavior, however I acknowledge it contains a problematic “neckbeard” stereotype.
You can read about why exactly that is problematic – and the steps I’ve taken – here

Bigger Version!

For those that don’t understand this comic there are three things you need to know.

  1. This comic is based on a poster for what many consider the most famous video game of all time, DOOM.  The art itself is iconic for hundreds of thousands of gamers.
  2. Anita Sarkeesian is a Feminist gamer and pop culture critic and in her series Tropes vs Women in Video Games Sarkeesian had the “audacity” of citing the sexism of an industry beloved and pandering to men.
  3. For this idea, Anita Sarkeesian (and any woman with similar ideas) has become the target of a massive hate campaign that continues to this day (unpunished)
Anita Sarkeesian is one of my heroes and my heart breaks to think of the hell she has gone through because of the simple fact that it’s easier to spit out a new idea than to swallow it.I’d call her opponents a bunch of babies but in fact “terrorists” comes closer to how they have conducted themselves.

The good news is they can’t break Sarkeesian, or the score of followers who’s lives have changed as a direct result of her videos.

This comic is a tribute to Sarkeesian and all those who dare to change the world.