Ladies and gentlemen I have undergone a catharsis, and am feeling honest.
So the truth is, even though I’ve been updating every Monday (two exceptions plus one 3 month vacation), non of the content I’m churning out really has much to do with me.

One of the great contemporary comic artists right now is Kazu Kibuishi.
You can see his website here

But to get to the thick of his talent, go ahead and read the prologue to this comic of his called Amulet, I’ll wait it’s only a couple pages:

Click this link that I’ve written in bold.

Pretty amazing right? Don’t you want to know the rest of the story?
On top of that it’s well drawn and well colored. And it’s by one dude.

That’s the level I’d like to be at, and right now I’m no where close.

Well. Okay maybe I’m being too hard on myself. I’ve done some brief stories. Touched briefly on some issues, but for the most part I’ve been too much of a coward to do any comics that have any real punch to them.

And on top of this the stress I feel on a daily, hourly, unending basis almost always prevents me from taking the time to really sitting down and working really hard on anything.

I hope things are going to change, I’m ready to start making that happen but it might mean not posting every Monday, for one.

Are you prepared for that? I’m really not sure if I am. I fear that if I stop posting I’ll become less than nothing.

If you see something next Monday that’s similar to this comic? With no commentary like this? It’ll mean I’ve given up.

I’m not sure what the alternative is but I’m willing to find out.

In the meantime you can read my Evil French Doppelganger’s webcomic:

I know he’s evil because he has a better website than mine.